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Violet Bischoff, LPN, honored at Day Haven’s Neighborhood of Caring Breakfast

On November 6th 2013, Violet Bischoff, LPN was honored at Day Haven’s Neighborhood of Caring Breakfast

Violet is a licensed practical nurse who has been involved in the home care community for the past three decades. She became the Assistant Director of Patient Services for South Shore Home Health Services, Inc. in 2008. She also served on the Women and AIDS coalition and the SPARC coalition Board for the past five years, providing her exceptional expertise in assisting those living with HIV/AIDS. All who know Violet have come to appreciate her uncanny ability to relate to patients and their unique situations. Her work with those with dementia the other illnesses that result in family turmoil has had a significant impact on South Shore Home Health patients and those in the surrounding community. Violet recently became a Board member of the Community Program Centers of L.I.

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