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Understanding the changes to Medicaid home care in New York State

To All South Shore Home Health Services, Inc. clients,

Managed long Term Care update: You may have recently received notification from New York State Department of Health concerning the changes in your Medicaid program. If you receive both Medicaid and Medicare Services you will be required to join a Managed Long Term Care Plans (MLTC). If you have not received a letter from the state you may be required to choose a MLTC when your Medicaid recertification is due.

Exceptions to MLTC: There are exceptions to the MLTC’s requirement and they are listed here.

What does that mean? It means that your homecare services, along with most medical services through Medicaid, will no longer be approved by your local Social Services. Your plan (MLTC) will approve/certify your services.

Will there be a disruption of services? There should not be any disruption. South Shore Home Health Services participates in many of these plans and we will assist you with any questions you may have to ensure a smooth transition and maintain continuity of care.

What MLTC plans does South Shore Home Health contract with? Please be sure to call us when you receive a letter or when you are recertifying so we may inform you of our current MLTC contracts.

Will I be able to keep my home care worker? Yes, South Shore Home Health Services, Inc. will ensure that you will be able to keep the same home care workers as long as you chose one of the plans we are contracted with and that there are no additional changes to this process.

What should I do now? You should call us with any questions. South Shore Home Health values the long standing relationship we have built over these years and we want to provide you with the highest quality of care and ensure that we maintain continuity of care for you and your home care workers.

The state has set up this website with more details

Here are the contact extensions for South Shore Home Health:
Eileen Gerard, ext. 14
Violet Bischoff, ext. 15
Jackie Datkun, ext. 16
Kathy McCarthy, ext. 17

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