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Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational therapies can be important to your long term health and well-being. Our licensed, certified therapists will meet with you in the privacy and comfort of your home and help you to evaluate your needs and develop goals to insure and promote your maximum level of independence.

Typical individual sessions last one hour and may be made as often as indicated. Usually, an initial visit determines that weekly visits are indicated for one month, followed by monthly visits thereafter, and re-evaluations every six months. Our nurse care manager will obtain doctor’s prescriptions for these services.

Reasons to consider in-home physical/occupational therapy:

  • You have experienced a recent fall
  • You are recuperating from a recent accident or illness
  • You have recurring pain
  • You feel that your endurance or strength is diminishing, or your balance is ‘not quite right

What Kind of Help Do You Need at Home?

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