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Nursing Home Transition & Diversion Waiver

Addus at South Shore Home Health is a provider of the Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver program, known as the NHTD program, in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. We currently provide home and community support services.

The NHTD is a Medicaid waiver program administered by the NYS Department of Health. The NHTD waiver uses Medicaid funding to provide support and services to assist individuals with disabilities and seniors to live in the community of their choice. Waiver participants may come from a nursing home, (transition), or choose to participate in the waiver to prevent institutionalization, (diversion). A participant may choose waiver services when other local, state and federally funded services are not sufficient to assure the health and welfare of the participant in the community.

The NHTD philosophy is that individuals with disabilities or seniors have the same rights as others. They have the right to be in control of their lives, encounter and manage risks and learn from their experiences, while the NHTD program is responsible to assure the participant’s health and welfare.

The NHTD services are based on the individual’s strengths, needs, choices and goals.

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