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Payment Options

Our nurse care managers will guide you through the intake process. Our “Services Needed Checklist” will be a helpful tool in determining what kind services are needed to ensure quality and effective care. You can purchase any of our services by the hour or by the visit.

We accept most major insurance companies. Long term care insurance policies are very specific to what home care services are covered. We can assist you in determining what is covered under your policy. If there are additional methods of payment please speak to the nurse care manager so they can look into all authorized methods of payment to maximize your home care coverage.

We are a Medicaid provider and contract with most managed care, long-term care and workers compensation plans. Please call for information. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Contact our billing department for payment at (631) 567-6555 ext 23030

What Kind of Help Do You Need at Home?

By filling out this simple form and submitting it to us, we can help you determine what kind of home care assistance you may need.