Our Mission & Values

As a leader in the homecare industry, Addus at South Shore Home Health understands the importance of doing our business in a warm and compassionate way that meets the needs of our patients and consumers.

Our Mission

Improving the health and well-being of our patients and consumers through quality, cost-effective home health and personal care services.

Our Values


Make a difference in someone’s life.
Service is the reason Addus exists. Our primary job is to help improve the lives of others.


Be honest and fair.
This applies to every interaction with our patients and consumers, our payers, and with each other.


Treat others with kindness and dignity.
We believe in this time-tested guiding principle for all our relationships.


Keep all promises.
We are committed to creating a sense of trust.


Set the right example.
We know that leadership comes with a responsibility to uphold the highest standards.